BSCySeC-2019 Maritime Cyber Security Conference

BSCySeC-2019 Maritime Cyber Security Conference

The maritime domain is a vast network of shipping companies, insurance companies, offshore and onshore operators, port operators, national and international authorities, military and stakeholders, seagoing vessels and rigs, cargoes, containers and port infrastructure, navigation, maritime management, satellite and communication systems that must work together to prevent maritime cyber attacks and manage the impacts of attacks when they occur.

Cyber-attacks in the maritime domain are relatively new and infrequent, particularly when compared to the many cyber-attacks against financial institutions, manufacturing companies and private individuals. However,  due to its international nature, maritime is an increasingly attractive target for cybercrime, but the maritime cyber threats are not yet well enough understood or taken at full coverage. However, they could disrupt business both at sea and on shore, causing heavy financial losses, and, worst case, cause loss of life and major environmental disaster. Many island nations are particularly vulnerable for food and energy supplies.  During periods of economic instability in the shipping industry, the potential losses arising from cyber attacks could destabilize shipping companies and other related stakeholders.

BSCySeC-2019 aims to raise awareness of threats, vulnerabilities and solutions in the maritime domain, to build a proactive network of stakeholders in the region and beyond and introduce a new concepts focused on the regional and sectorial risks of cyber security.

Constanta Maritime University, ARECS, INOMAR Cluster and TID Group have invited leading subject matter experts from academia, business and the public sector for two days of talks, demonstrations, case studies and presentations on maritime cyber security.

The conference will provide ideal conditions for both focused professional discussions and social interaction in the peaceful Black Sea port city of Constanta, Romania.