Black Sea Maritime Cyber Security Conference Center

Aim to foster the of use advanced technologies to give innovative information exchange platform for present and future specialists in cyber security on ships and general the maritime transport sector.

This will be only through diligence and proper information and awareness platform for academic members and related professionals where trainers, students and seagoing mariners will be prepared and ready to take appropriate actions when warrante

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3-rd Edition@ BlackSea Maritime CyberSecurity Conference, 16-18 May 2019

Cyber-attacks in the maritime domain are relatively new and infrequent, particularly when compared to the many cyber-attacks against financial institutions, manufacturing companies and private individuals. However, they could disrupt business both at sea and on shore, causing heavy financial losses, and, in worst case, cause loss of life and major environmental disaster.

2-nd Edition@ BlackSea Maritime CyberSecurity Conference, 7-8 June 2018

Although last year maritime community start to understand and address the cybersecurity phenomenon, there are much to understand, develop and aquire in research as well as in education and awareness.  The introduction of new technologies such as autonomous ships require new protection measures in the field of maritime cyber security.

1-st Edition@ BlackSea Maritime CyberSecurity Conference, 22-23 March 2017

The maritime domain is a vast network of agencies, shipping companies, insurances companies, offshore and onshore operators, port operators, authorities and other stakeholders that must concentrate their work in synchronicity to prevent maritime cyber-attacks.