Day 1 – Cyber Security Global Challenges

  • World Cyber Security Status Quo – World updates after BSCySec-19 – CMU, CERT.RO, ENISA
  • Mirroring a Real World Response in Maritime Cyber Security – BIMCO, IMO, IAMU, Lloyd’s
  • Cyber Security Regional Issues and Authorities Response in Black Sea Region – CERT.RO, Cyberint
  • Improving Cyber Security Strategies through Globalization – ARECS, I2DS2, TID
  • Critical Infrastructure Convergences in Maritime Industry – ANR, APMC, OilTerminal

Day 2 – Exploring the Security Needs of Future Technology

  • Human Factor and AI Technology Limits in Cyber Security – CMU, IBM, Microsoft, certSIGN
  • Cyber Security of Industrial Control Systems in the Age of Internet of Things – ABB, Eaton, Cyberint
  • CyNergy – Cyber Security in Energy Field as Main Hybrid Threats of Today’s Society – ROMGAZ, RoPenTest, PNNL,
  • Cyber Security Pathway in Shaping the Europe’s Digital Future: CySec Futurology and Next Decade Predictions – CMU, I2DS2, iCUBE
  • Adaptive Cyber Security Policies – Stepping into new decade Realm – PNNL, certSIGN

Day 3 – Cyber crime